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Office of Balmer Lawrie (UAE) LLC (BLUAE)

Balmer Lawrie (UAE) LLC (BLUAE)

Balmer Lawrie (UAE) – a joint venture, Limited Liability Company established in 1978. BLUAE a pioneering container manufacturing company in the Arabian Gulf, is a large manufacturer of steel drums, tin and plastic containers of different capacities. The major user industries it caters to include lubricants, chemicals, paints, edible oils and ghee industries. For BL UAE website click here

Drums manufactured by Balmer Lawrie (UAE), conform to international standards such as ISO 15750:2002, BS 814-1:1987, BS 2003:1987, EN 209:2000, EN 210:1986, ANSI MH2-1997 etc. and carry the UN Certification for packaging of dangerous goods.

With its vast experience and unflinching commitment to quality and customer service, Balmer Lawrie (UAE) has grown from strength to strength. Continuous investment in the state-of-the-art technology and dedicated support to customers has made Balmer Lawrie (UAE) a leader in the packaging industry.

Office of Balmer Lawrie-Van Leer Ltd.

Balmer Lawrie-Van Leer Ltd. (BLVL)

Incorporated in 1956 it was originally known as Indian Flange & Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. and was engaged in the manufacturing of Tri-sure closure systems. In 1993 it became a 50:50 Joint Venture Company between Balmer Lawrie and Van Leer and the name was also changed to Balmer Lawrie - Van Leer Limited along with expansion of its capacity of closure products and addition of new activities such as manufacturing and sales of plastic containers. For Balmer Lawrie-Van Leer Ltd website click here

Subsequently Greif Inc. Corporation headquartered in Delaware, Ohio; USA acquired Van Leer Industrial and became partner with BL in BLVL. Greif Inc. Corporation is a global leader in industrial containers and products.

BLVL capitalizes on the strength of both the major promoters’ for manufacturing & sales of its closures systems and plastic packaging solutions in India and also export its products to various other countries in Europe, US & Asia Pacific using Grief’s global presence.

Office of AVI-OIL India Private Ltd.

AVI-OIL India Private Ltd. (AVI-OIL)

AVI-OIL INDIA [P] Ltd, a Joint Venture of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd and NYCO S.A. France, was established in 1993 for the indigenous production/supply of aviation lubricants to the Defence Services and other aircraft operators in India. For AVI-OIL India Private Ltd. (AVI-OIL) websiteclick here

AVI-OIL has established a modern state-of-the art laboratory facility for Quality Assurance and to provide technical services to the customers that enhances the reliability of operation of the aircraft and provides confidence to the users. The company provides technical support on lubricant applications and usage and assists the Defence to be self-reliant in this strategic area.

Logistics & cargo

Transafe Services Ltd. (TSL)

TSL, was established in 1994, as a JV between Balmer Lawrie and ICICI Ventures to promote domestic containerized logistics in India. The Company is into leasing of domestic dry van containers for the road & rail transportation sector, transportation logistics & cargo movement within India as also into manufacturing of dry van & specialized containers in its two plants at Coimbatore & Kharagpur. After the exit of ICICI Venture from this JV, 50% of the shares are now held by BLVL. For Transafe Services Ltd. (TSL) websiteclick here

Oil Tankers at Balmer Lawrie Indonesia (PTBLI)

Balmer Lawrie Indonesia (PTBLI)

PT BALMER LAWRIE INDONESIA (PT. BLI) is a joint venture company between PT. Imani Wicaksana, Indonesia and Balmer Lawrie (UK) Ltd, United Kingdom. The Joint Venture Company was formed in 2010 to start a Grease & Lubricant Plant at Cikande Modern Industrial Estate, Serang, Banten. For Pt Balmer Lawrie Indonesia (Pt. Bli) websiteclick here

PT. BLI aims at providing superior quality products to the Petroleum and Lubricant companies in Indonesia as well as users of Lubricating Greases, Oil and Specialties. The motto is to maintain compliance and high quality standards, provide cost effective products and timely delivery and have an ethical business relationship with all customers.

Balmer Lawrie (UK) Limited

Balmer Lawrie (UK) Limited Subsidiary

Balmer Lawrie (UK) Ltd (‘BLUK’) is a subsidiary of Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. incorporated in the U.K. BLUK was earlier engaged in Leasing & Hiring of Marine Freight Containers and Tea Warehousing, Blending & Packaging. After exiting these businesses, the Company has been utilizing the proceeds to fund other business opportunities.

Accordingly, BLUK has to date invested approximately US $ 1.52 million -- equivalent to Indonesian Rupiah 14.20 billion – in PT. Balmer Lawrie Indonesia(PTBLI), representing 50% of the paid-up equity share capital of the joint venture company, formed to manufacture and market greases and other lubricants in Indonesia. 

Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2019 - Balmer Lawrie (UK) Limited

Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2018 - Balmer Lawrie (UK) Limited.

Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2017 - Balmer Lawrie (UK) Limited

Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited (VPLPL)

Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited (VPLPL)

Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited (VPLPL) is a subsidiary of Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd., incorporated for setting up a Multi- Modal Logistics Hub (MMLH) at Visakhapatnam. As a part of its Strategic Plan, Balmer Lawrie has consistently been looking for opportunities for setting up logistics infrastructure facilities at ports and inland locations. In pursuance of this objective, the Company has vigorously worked with Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) for the last several years for setting up a Multi- Modal Logistics Hub (MMLH) at Visakhapatnam in Joint Venture.  The efforts have ultimately yielded results with the signing of Shareholders’/JV Agreement between your Company and VPT in March 2014.

The proposed JV Company was incorporated and christened as Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited (VPLPL). The JV will have equity participation between Balmer Lawrie and VPT in the ratio of 60:40. While Balmer Lawrie’s contribution to equity would be in the form of cash, VPT’s would be upfront lease rental of 53.025 acres of land allotted to VPLPL for a period of 30 years. VPT handed over the earmarked land to VPLPL in January 2015. 

Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2019 - Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited

Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2018 - Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited

Financial Statement for the year ended March 31, 2017 - Visakhapatnam Port Logistics Park Limited

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