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Economic Development

Participants of Internal Training

Internal training

Skill Training

Skill Development Institutes are being set up at various places in the country by the member companies of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MOPNG) to support the Skill India initiative of the Government of India which has been launched to empower the youth of the country with skill sets to make them more employable and productive in their work environment As a member company of MoPNG, Balmer Lawrie has contributed Rs 180 Lakhs for the institutes at Bhubaneswar, Kochi and Vishakhapatnam. Some of them have started the courses on skill development.

Welfare of the armed forces veterans, war widows & their dependent

As a mark of support for the brave soldiers of our Country, Balmer Lawrie celebrated the Armed Forces Day on December 7which was initiated by Ms. Manjusha Bhatnagar, Director [HR&CA]. In order to pay respect to these brave men and support their aged parents, widows and children, Balmer Lawrie employees donated generously. The contribution made by each department is as under.

Contribution from Employees for Soldiers - 2016

Sl.No. Department No of Employees Amount
1 IP-Asaoti 12 15104
2 G&L-Kolkata 8 10500
3 G&L-Chennai 1 115.5
4 PC-Chennai 2 2000
5 T-VE Delhi 10 8000
6 LS - Delhi 8 8800
7 TTC - Delhi 9 8500
8 TVl - Delhi 13 13000
9 T-VE - Delhi 9 6000
10 TVL - Lucknow 11 3750
11 General Kolkata 88 93600
12 General Mumbai 116 97418
13 Asso-Service - Chennai 29 27200
14 Central Service 3 2500
15 ARL 2 1000
Total -) 321 297487.5

Environmental and Sustainable Development

Environment protection is one of the key priorities of Balmer Lawrie and the Environmental Sustainability objectives are aligned with the business goals of Balmer Lawrie. Tree plantation drives at Bamer Lawrie are carried out on regular intervals which contribute in increasing the green cover of the city. To further the cause, Director [HR&CA], Balmer Lawrie handed over tree saplings to HR heads of other MoPNG companies who attended the HR Summit for Oil and Gas PSUs hosted by Balmer Lawrie. This has now become a practice and saplings are gifted to dignitaries and VIPs visiting our Company.

Director [HR&CA], Balmer Lawrie handing over tree saplings to HR heads of other MoPNG companies during the HR Summit for Oil and Gas PSUs hosted by Balmer Lawrie
Director [HR&CA], Balmer Lawrie handing over tree saplings to HR heads of other MoPNG companies during the HR Summit for Oil and Gas PSUs hosted by Balmer Lawrie

Plantation drive carried out by C&MD and Directors in the premises of Temperature Controlled Warehouse in the southern region

Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees
Tree plantation by employees

At Balmer Lawrie Manali Industrial Complex, Chennai, on the last working day of the month, employees with their birthdays in that month plant a tree in the factory complex and they take care of the tree planted by them. This initiative has been taken to increase the green cover of the city.

Director [HR&CA] along with winners of Environment Day competitions. LED bulbs were distributed as prizes.

Director [HR&CA] along with winners of Environment Day competitions. LED bulbs were distributed as prizes.

World Environment Day

Balmer Lawrie observed World Environment Day with much fervour at various units/establishments of the Company on 5th June 2015. An online quiz on Environment was organised on an all India basis. Sit and draw competitions were organised for employees’ spouse and children. Saplings were planted in various units and establishments as part of our green effort. As part of the go green initiatives, the MMLH Team at Vizag encouraged the contractor to install LED solar panels for the site office and storage yard lighting at MMLH, Visakhapatnam. One single light pole has 600 Lumen Output, 37 watt peak solar panel and automatic dusk to dawn controller.

Environment protection steps taken at the manufacturing units of Balmer Lawrie

The Company gives highest priority to protect the environment. Towards this end, precautionary measures have been put in place with regard to treatment/discharge of effluents conforming to the standards laid down by the regulatory authorities in all its Plants and Manufacturing Facilities.

The plants of SBU: Greases & Lubricants at Kolkata, Silvassa and Chennai have developed and segregated the hazardous storage area from the non-hazardous storage area for better waste management. The SBU also adopted the technology for spill prevention. Most of the oil storage tanks of the G&L factory at Manali, Chennai have been equipped with level sensors to prevent any overflow from the tank. SBU: Greases & Lubricants has built sound secondary containments around the new base oil storage tanks at its plant in Silvassa to prevent any kind of contamination of ground water with oil.

The Silvassa plant of SBU: Industrial Packaging developed a separate area for storage of both hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste. The SBU has also implemented rain water harvesting at its state-of-the-art barrel manufacturing plant at Taloja, Navi Mumbai and does proper maintenance to ensure that the ground water level is maintained.

The new tank farm yard of G&L, Silvassa has been concretized with sound secondary containment to ensure no soil and ground contamination

The online ambient air and water monitoring system was commissioned at the Company's Leather Chemicals Business Unit at Chennai to ensure that air quality and water quality is as per the prescribed norms of EP Act 1986.

Balmer Lawrie has installed 300 KWp of solar plants in 2016-17. A 100 KWp of roof top plant has been installed at the Industrial Packaging plant at Asaoti and a 200 KWp of solar plant has been fixed at the Manali complex in Chennai.

Rain water harvesting unit and separator hazardous waste storage area
Rain water harvesting unit and separator hazardous waste storage area
Solar Plants at factory
ZLD-Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

Growth has got its own drawbacks. One of them is the stress it creates on the ecology because of the discharge of untreated trade effluents from industries and habitations. It is estimated that around 60% of effluent generated from industries and 74% of sewage generated in India goes untreated into the ecosystem. Lack of suitable waste water treatment process creates a catastrophic effect on the entire civilization. In view of this our Leather Chemicals Division at Manali, installed and commissioned ZLD-ETP to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge, a state of the art technology in treating industrial trade effluents. The effluent treatment plant works by multistage evaporation system with agitated thin film drier which is capable of handling 30 KLD of effluent per day.

The ZLD-ETP has created a benchmark for effluent treatment in the city of Chennai and EPCB has been sending visitors to Balmer Lawrie’s manufacturing unit in Chennai.

Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plant

Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plant

Reducing water consumption and avoiding wastage of water is a general goal nowadays for all commercial and industrial sectors. Balmer Lawrie Container Freight Station (CFS) at Mumbai achieved Zero Discharge of Sewage effluent. CFS implemented a treatment system which is based on anaerobic digestion combined with filtration and disinfection. As a result, the sewage water can now be treated and recycled to produce high quality water that can be reused. The treated water is being used in toilet flushing, gardening, vehicle cleaning etc.

Steps taken by the Company towards development and diffusion of environmental friendly technologies

  • The Company has continued its efforts at technological up-gradations in its manufacturing processes to ensure that adverse impact of our operations on the environment are minimized.
  • The company has installed and maintained a Zero Liquid Discharge Plant (ZLDP) for the units at Manali Complex, Chennai. In order to minimize the load of the effluent load on the ZLDP, our Leather Chemicals Business Unit is working on projects related to reusing and recycling of liquid hazardous waste.
  • Energy efficient welding machines have been installed at our Industrial Packaging units at Taloja, Asaoti and Silvassa in the recent past.
  • Paints with lower volatile organic compounds (VOC), have been introduced in our Industrial Packaging units and state of the art technology has been adopted in the paint booth at IP - Navi Mumbai to minimize VOC emission in the air.
  • Our Industrial Packaging plant in Navi Mumbai is a zero discharge plant. No water is being consumed in the process for degreasing.
  • Our R&D team continuously works to identify raw materials, processes and technologies, which will have minimum impact on the environment. The Application Research Laboratory of the Company has made significant progress in developing a number of biodegradable lubricants like hydraulic fluids, gear oils for high temperature applications for enclosed and open gear boxes, engine oils for 4 stroke gasoline engines etc. Continuous trainings are being imparted to our workforce on the latest developments in the lubricant industry

SBU: Refinery & Oil Field Services (ROFS)-

Being the youngest SBU in the Balmer Lawrie family, ROFS has been making steady progress towards the goal of sustainable development since starting operations in 2001. The SBU employs state-of-the-art technology to provide environment friendly value added services to the Oil & Gas industry and power sector in the country

The division holds the distinction of being the pioneer of Mechanized Oily Sludge processing in India. In association with its technology partner, ORECO A/S, Denmark, SBU: ROFS introduced the fully automated, closed loop BLABO process in the Indian Oil & Gas sector. The environment friendly, In-Situ Process has resulted in substantial value addition for the Oil & Gas Majors in the country. Besides recovery of valuable hydrocarbons from oily waste, it has accrued several other benefits such as reduction in tank downtime and elimination of HSE related issues, associated with disposal of oily waste. Buoyed by the widespread success of the BLABO Tank Cleaning Services, the SBU ventured into Lagoon sludge processing with its indigenously developed technology in 2003. The Lagoon sludge processing services have also been widely successful and technology has been periodically updated to keep up with the ever changing needs of the Oil Industries. The SBU’s services centered on pollution prevention and recovery of valuable hydrocarbons have found wide acceptance among all Oil & Gas majors in India. The SBU possess an illustrative client base and a stellar track record, having successfully executed projects for all major refineries & oil installations in the country. The SBU’s services in the scope of hydrocarbon recovery has resulted in savings of over Rs. 300 Crores for our clients in the form of recovered oil, which is also a form of national savings. SBU: ROFS has also been consistent in its efforts towards technology up gradation for improvements in service quality and has come up with innovations such as mechanized bottom residue cleaning modules in recent years.

Significant Achievements

  • Pioneered the mechanized processing of oily sludge in India.
  • Introduced environment friendly In-Situ Processing of tank bottom sludge in association with ORECO A/S Denmark.
  • Developed In-house technology for processing of oily Lagoon Sludge
  • Successfully executed projects across all major refineries and oil Installations in India.
  • Pioneered mechanized Tank Bottom Sludge Processing in Power Sector.
  • Processed more than 200,000 MT of Oily sludge.
  • Recovered Hydrocarbons worth more than Rs. 300 Crores till date
  • Constantly upgraded technology, in association with BL Applications Research Laboratory for efficient processing of different kinds of oily sludge.
  • Eliminated substantial HSE Risks associated with disposal of Oily Sludge.
  • Substantially reduced tank downtime for clients.

Human Development

Old Age Project

The Balmer Lawrie sponsored Mobile Health Van run by Helpage India at Manali, Chennai provides medical care especially for the elderly people. Almost 12000 patients are benefitted annually through this initiative. Balmer Lawrie has been associated with HelpAge India since. Ms. Manjusha Bhatnagar, Director [HR&CA] welcomed and blessed by Granie at Medical Mobile Unit in Chennai during her interaction with the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Ms. Manjusha Bhatnagar, Director [HR&CA] welcomed and blessed by Granie at Medical Mobile Unit in Chennai.
Director [HR&CA] with the beneficiaries
Director [HR&CA] being examined by the doctor

Women and Child Empowerment

Balmer Lawrie is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner and be responsive to the needs of the society at large. The Company believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s future and therefore, Balmer Lawrie has taken up various initiatives for empowering children.

Two Family Homes at SOS Children’s Village – 1 in Kolkata and 1 in Vishakhapatnam are being supported by Balmer Lawrie. Two classrooms are being sponsored under the “Corporate Leverage and Support Scheme” (CLASS) of Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP) for supporting the differently abled, particularly children suffering from cerebral palsy. In all 30 children are being supported. Balmer Lawrie also supports IICP in their fund raising for the charity Golf Tournament - “Hope Cup” which is held annually in Kolkata.

Balmer Lawrie has also sponsored Rs 50 lakhs for the construction of the Mogapair School at Chennai. This school is an initiative taken by various stakeholders to build a model school where only girl students from the marginalized communities are enrolled.

Family homes adopted by Balmer Lawrie at SOS Village, salt Lake
A special child at IICP, Kolkata in a classroom adopted by Balmer Lawrie
Inauguration for developing a Mogapair School at Chennai as model school

Initiatives taken in Khadoli Village, Silvassa

Balmer Lawrie has carried out extensive developmental work in the Khadoi Village as part of its CSR initiative SAMBAL. Work was done to improve the overall sanitation facilities in the village. Balmer Lawrie also constructed 128 toilets for individual households.

In order to upgrade the primary school to secondary school at Khadoli Village additional two rooms were constructed by Balmer Lawrie. A Learning Centre i.e. Library including all facilities was constructed for the students of Khadoli Village, to keep them abreast of the latest developments and enhance their knowledge and skills. Vocational training programme for youths in Welder/Fitter/ Electrician trades was also provided to make the youths of the village employable.

Support to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Balmer Lawrie extended their full support for relief and rehabilitation of the victims affected by the powerful earthquake that hit Nepal. A large section of our employees came forward with a request that Balmer Lawrians together should make a contribution towards relief in Nepal. Balmer Lawrie handed over a cheque of Rs. 18,68,980.53 to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund for relief and rehabilitation in the earthquake hit regions of Nepal.

Balmer Lawrie hands over a cheque for relief and rehabilitation of people in the earthquake hit regions of Nepal
C&MD and Director (HR&CA) donating clothes
Clothes donated by employees of Balmer Lawrie

Support to flood victims in Chennai

Balmer Lawrie distributed bed sheets worth Rs. 1 lakh to the flood victims in MGR Nagar adjacent to our plant in Manali, Chennai in December 2015.

Donation Drive

From time to time, Balmer Lawrie holds donation drives for old clothes, unused but not expired medicines, umbrella, shoes, stationary and blankets which are then distributed to the needy and slum dwellers with the help of NGOs.

Social Welfare

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Under the “Swachh Vidyalaya: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, The Company has constructed/refurbished a total of 306 toilets in Government Schools covering states of Assam (121 nos), Chhattisgarh (100 nos), Haryana (2 nos), Andhra Pradesh (2 nos) and West Bengal (81 nos). Balmer Lawrie is the only PSU under MOPNG to have completed the target of constructing toilets. The progress of projects was personally inspected by Balmer Lawrie team in Chhattisgarh and Assam under the overall guidance of non-other than Ms. Manjusha Bhatnagar, Director [HR&CA].It was committed by Balmer Lawrie to maintain the toilets atleast for 5 years. Therefore, our Company is maintaining the toilets as per the need in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana. (May please refer to the ppt for the details of region wise toiles constructed)

A Toilet block was constructed at Chatrapati Shivaji Vidyalaya, Village Palaspe in Maharashtra. The school comprises 650 students out of which 380 are girls. Hence, a need was felt to construct the toilets. As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Balmer Lawrie has adopted the Sayali village in Silvassa and has sponsored the construction of a water tank, which will benefit 5000 villagers.

Swachh Vidyalaya initiatives By Balmer Lawrie

The newly constructed toilet by Balmer Lawrie
Director (HR&CA) inaugurating a toilet constructed by Balmer Lawrie
The newly constructed toilet by Balmer Lawrie

Composting Unit Sponsored by BL at Victoria Memorial

As a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiatives Balmer Lawrie has set up a Composting Unit at Victoria Memorial, which was inaugurated by Mr. Prabal Basu, C&MD, the Chief Guest of the function. The Unit named as “Foodie” is Kolkata’s first of its kind Composting Unit and Solid Waste Management System.

The Composting Unit is equipped with cutting-edge technology and has a capacity to treat 500kg of organic waste daily. The Composting Unit helps to recycle the waste to generate organic manure. Thus the waste is prevented from being sent for landfill, reducing air and soil pollution to a great extent. The compost produced from organic waste is rich in soil nutrients and will be used for in-house gardening at Victoria Memorial, thus, saving a huge amount spent on fertilizers. Victoria Memorial is one of the important tourist spots attracting huge footfalls daily and with the installation of the Composting Unit, the organic waste collected can be recycled and reused as manure.

C&MD, Directors of Balmer Lawrie and representatives from Victoria Memorial  at the inauguration ceremony of the Composting Unit
The Composting Unit
Inauguration of the water tank at Padge Village

Water Tank at Padge Village

As part of CSR initiatives under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Balmer Lawrie sponsored the construction of a Water Storage Tank at Padghe Village, Taloja, Navi Mumbai in association with Rotary Club of Industrial Town, Panvel. Mr. Prabal Basu, C&MD and Mr. Prashant Thakur, MLA, Panvel inaugurated the Water Storage Tank on 4th March 2016. The Guests of Honour Ms. Manjusha Bhatnagar, Director [HR & CA], Mr. D Sothi Selvam, Director [Manufacturing Businesses], Dr. Girish Gune, PDG- Dist. 3131 and Mr. D N Tetgure, BDO Panchayat Samiti, Panvel were also present on the occasion. The Water Storage Tank with a capacity of 150,000 litres will benefit 10,000 villagers of Padghe Village, which is situated near the Company’s High Throughput Barrel Manufacturing Plant at Taloja, Navi Mumbai. This facility will play an important role in reducing the problem of water supply in the village in turn improving sanitation and quality of life of the people.

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