Refinery & Oil Field Services

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The Refinery & Oil Field Services (ROFS), an integral part of the Engineering & Technology Services portfolio of the Company relates to services provided in the high technology oil & gas related areas. In this domain the focus is on providing environment friendly services centered around prevention & recovery of hydrocarbon wastes. This activity assumes greater significance with the all round concern on twin aspects of environment & safety.

Present Activities of SBU


Crude oil sludge cleaning & Hydrocarbon Recovery


  • In-situ mechanized tank bottom sludge cleaning
  • Lagoon/ pit sludge cleaning


Other Services


  • Composite Repair of pipelines & Tankages

Tank Bottom & Lagoon Sludge Recovery System

Automated, Safe and Environment Friendly System For Tank Bottom Sludge (TBS) Cleaning Developed by Oreco A/S, Denmark. Brought to India by us in 1996

Global Acceptance & Presence in Europe, US, Russia, China & SE Asia Tank is cleaned fast, & Efficiently > 90% of processable Hydrocarbon Present is Recovered in Refinery.

SNS & Hydraulic drive unit of BLABO system

  • Tank Cleaning Technology (BLABO)
  • Oreco, Denmark. (Existing Association)


Refining Companies (IOCL, BPCL, HPCL,CPCL, MRPL) Exploration Companies (ONGC, Cairn Energy)

Lagoon Cleaning system used at ONGC, Nazira Lagoon Cleaning System:

Our Lagoon Cleaning system has been designed & engineered by the SBU

Upgraded with time, system has many key components like shaker, agitator, decanters and now have a cutting edge in this field after inclusion of 3-phase separator in our system.

Schematic Diagram of Lagoon Cleaning System Achievements:

Already processed 75000 KL of TBS & about 30,000KL of Lagoon sludge from various refineries & oil (E&P) companies including IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, CPCL, MRPL, ONGC & Cairn Energy by end September 2009.

Through a business philosophy that emphasizes both know-how and know-why, the company is geared to provide cost effective turnkey engineering and consultancy solutions for a host of industries with a view to add value to their processes and practices.

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Composite Repair Services

Repairs using Composite Reinforcement Technology without any hot work requirement.

The Service scope includes:


  • Caisson Repair Services
  • Corrosion Damage Repair Services
  • Erosion Repair Services
  • Leak Repair Services
  • Vessel Repair and Lining Services
  • Pipeline Repairs

Product/Technology Supplier:

  • IMG Offshore Limited,UK (Agreement is in place


  • ONGC; OIL, Chemical Companies
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