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We at Balmer Lawrie take immense pride in ourselves for being the largest grease producer in India and one of the ten largest grease manufacturers in Asia. Ever since our humble beginning in 1934 at Sewree in Mumbai and in 1937 at Kolkata, we have striven to attain excellence through quality, performance and innovation. Over the years we have endeavored to live up to our rich heritage and unidirectional focus of growth and sustenance of quality by keeping our strong work force constantly motivated. Today Balmer Lawrie has Manufacturing Plants at Chennai, Kolkata, Silvassa and a state-of-the-art Applications Research Laboratory at Kolkata.

Balmerol range of greases & lubricants (Know more about Balmerol at

BALMEROL is our premier brand of Industrial, Automotive and Specialty Range of Lubricants that has achieved an enviable position in today's competitive Market. We have succeeded in maintaining our technical superiority by enabling our qualified engineers and scientists a free hand to innovate and constantly improve our products in our state of the art Laboratories.

BALMEROL range of greases includes:

  • Multipurpose greases
  • Extreme pressure greases
  • Molybdenum greases
  • Long Life greases
  • High temperature greases
  • Eco friendly/Bio degradable greases

BALMEROL range of oils include

  • Synthetic cold rolling oils
  • Rust preventive oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Automotive gear oils
  • Fil bearing oils
  • Compressor oils
  • High demulsibility oils
  • Automotive crank case oils
  • Auto transmission oils
  • Compounded oils
  • Fire resistant Hydraulic Fluids

BALMEROL also manufactures

  • Wax base wire rope compounds
  • Gear compounds with solvents
  • Gear compounds
  • Bituminous compounds with rope
  • Eco friendly gear lubricants

BALMEROL products are supplied to various industries few amongst which are Steel industries, Railways and Mining, Power and Cement Companies. We are zealous about maintaining our standards of products and services and ensuring zero defects and quality assurance along with customer satisfaction. The SBU has laid adequate internal MIS and control measures for Environmental Management system and all its plants are accredited/certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards, including OHSAS 18001 certification for its Chennai Plant. The SBU continuously strategizes to focus on eco friendly products that include biodegradable lubricants and exports.

Greases & Lubricants has steadfastly evolved to provide superior quality products to our customers and ensured that they maintain their firm conviction in our products.

Applications Research Laboratory

The R&D Centre of SBU: Greases & Lubricants, named as Applications Research Laboratory, located at Kolkata was established in 1981 with the objective of carrying out applications oriented research in greases and lubricants. The R&D centre is equipped with state-of-the-art test rigs / instruments and backed by highly qualified Scientists / Engineers. The Company spends around 1% of the turnover on R&D in the lubricants business.

The R&D Centre is recognized since 1984 by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The R&D Centre is committed to maintaining cost competitiveness and achieving technological leadership through introduction of innovative products, product up-gradation & value engineering.

The major thrust areas for R&D are high performance & specialty products for niche markets with focus on biodegradable and eco-friendly lubricants. The R&D Centre is also involved in collaborative research with leading research organizations / institutes.

The R&D Centre is engaged in development of various high performance lubricants with critical applications parameters like high temperature, extreme pressure, low temperature and long life lubrication. Presently the center is focusing on development of synthetic, eco-friendly / biodegradable and food grade greases and lubricating oils.

The R&D Centre is instrumental in developing various specialty lubricants and providing innovative lubrication solutions to the core sectors like Steel, Defence, Railways, Mines, and Sponge Iron.

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