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Occupational Health Safety, Environment Protection

The Company accords high priority to Occupational Health & Safety, Environment Protection & Sustainability and has established Environment & Occupational Health Management System across the organization. Major plants/ branches are ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified. The company has taken various initiatives to minimize the pollution load of the operations. Treatment & disposal of effluents conforms to the statutory requirements. Air emissions also strictly adhere to the norms as laid down in Environment Protection Act 1986. Disposal of hazardous waste is being done strictly as per Hazardous Waste Rules 2008 & Occupational Health & Safety standards are maintained as per Factories Act 1948.

Major initiatives /activities undertaken in last couple of years are:

Occupational Health & Safety standards:

  • Internal Safety Audit was conducted in each of the manufacturing units / establishment of the Company during the year. The implementation of the recommendations of the Safety Audit is being closely tracked.
  • 42nd National Safety Week was celebrated across the organization between 4th & 9th March 2013creating safety awareness amongst employees and other stakeholders.
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systemwas installed and commissioned at the Asaoti plant, which extracts fumes & solvent vapors form paint booth and paint baking oven thus minimizing impact on the health of the workmen.
  • Special training programs on Safe Material handing were conducted at all the Container Freight Stations.
  • Fire & Life Safety risk assessment of the Corporate office was done by an external agency & provisional NOC obtained from West Bengal Fire & Emergency Services(WBF&ES). Recommendations of WBF&ES are under implementation at corporate HO.
  • Fire hydrant system was commissioned in the recently expanded area of CFS at Manali.
  • Fire hydrant system of Manali manufacturing units & IP Silvassa is under execution.

Environment Protection & Sustainability:

  • BL is the founding member of UN Global Compact in India
  • Two tier Organizational structure is in place to drive CSR & Sustainability initiatives in the Company
  • CSR & Sustainable Development (SD) Committees formed at Corporate & Regional levels
  • Regular Training & awareness programs to sensitize people are being conducted for employees in the areas of CSR & SD The Long term CSR & SD plans have been developed To reduce carbon footprint related to to / fro transportation of containers from Kolkata Port to our CFS, the company has built an Integrated Railway Siding between Kolkata Port & CFS.
  • Energy efficient welding machines have been installed in Silvassa and Asaoti plants of Industrial Packaging.
  • Exercise on Operational Excellence was conducted at Silvassa Drum manufacturing plant in association with Price Waterhouse Cooper(PWC), which resulted in significant savings through improved productivity, machine up time, on-time-in-full delivery, quality and reduction in energy consumption.
  • Adoption of implementation of 83% of the recommendations made by KPMG for greening of supply chain of Greases & Lubricant Business
  • The Company continues to give thrust on technological up-gradations in the manufacturing processes to ensure that adverse impact of our operations on the environment is minimal. The Application Research Laboratory of the Company has made significant progress in developing a number of biodegradable lubricants like hydraulic fluids, gear oils for high temperature applications for enclosed and open gear boxes, engine oils for 4 stroke gasoline engines etc.
  • Introduced light weight steel drum thus saving significant natural resources.
  • Introduced specially designed steel drum with reduced external dia. enabling loading of 80 drums in a TEU instead of 76 drums.
  • Introduced Low VOC paint at our Sewree drum manufacturing plant.
  • Setting up new environment friendly high throughput steel drum mfg plant with:
    1. LEED certification
    2. Solar power plant
    3. No degreasing unit
  • Introduced pressure kettles for grease processing bringing down processing time substantially.
  • Developing Bio-degradable greases
  • Energy audits done periodically at all manufacturing units to improve on energy efficiency.
  • Development of environmental friendly
    Phenol - free syntans
    Modified vegetable syntans

In future the focus will be on reducing carbon footprints, water footprints, waste footprints & investment in Solar Power generation at various manufacturing units of the organization.

Major initiatives /activities undertaken in last couple of years

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